Free Emule - Find anything to Download At Emule
Free Emule - Find anything to Download At Emule
eMule is basically a file sharing software that uses peer-to-peer file sharing technology. It is an open source program under GPL license that is available freely on the net & does not contain any spyware or malware. You can use this program to download & upload various files from third party sites or computers. This means you can download your favorite movie or song or any other files from the net through this program. eMule starts by showing you a list of servers you can connect to. eMule works through multiple servers spread throughout the world. After you connect to a server, you can start downloading your favorite videos or songs. But before downloading you would have to search the file you are looking for by using a keyword & the program will list all the files that contain that keyword. After you find the file you are looking for, you can easily download it to your computer through this program.

Why it is best?
  • Open source software available freely on the net.
  • Extremely reliable P2P file sharing client.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Works through a multitude of servers spread all over the globe & provides a robust network to the users.
  • Almost immune to any kind of attacks since it uses multiple servers.
  • Hassle free transfer of all types of files from third party sites or computers to your computer.​